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"Brings Open Source to Business..."

... is an old motto, but still valid in Japan.



WorkSpot.JP is

an IT consulting shop, offering professional services for web sites and PHP development since 2002 in Tokyo, Japan.



What I do... for my living.
PHP + DB = Web.

Also I provide some consulting to various corporation and organizations.

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What I have done for current works.

Web sites, applications, and consulting services.

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About me and my past...

work experiences in the US and Japan.

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What I Do...

Focused on web site and server application development using PHP and RDB such as PostgreSQL. Also provides consulting service as IT specialists on design and communication.

List of Services


developed various web sites and applications using PHP language with RDB (PostgreSQL and MySql) for various organizations.


Consulting and Liaison:
Provides various IT related consulting to organizations on managing web sites and promoting its services in the internet.


Consulting and Liaison:
Also acted as a strong liaison between oversea offices and clients by bridging the gap between Japanese and English speaking team.

My Skills

Solid Engineering Skills

provides solid software engineering, and most importantly the problem solving skills.

Good Communicator

experienced of managing people with various culture and background, helped to possess a good communication skills.


What I Have Done

Experienced in developing various web sites and applications, as well as full of management skills.

Web Sites and Apps

Web Sites for Societies and Institutes

still struggling with managing the age old web sites, with member's page and various services.

System for Professional Education Service

Provides a yearly unit count for professional education of an organization.

Member's Administration

A in-house application for administrating organization member, for calculating yearly fee, etc.

KLASI 2008

For Keio University's KLASI project, developed a thermal demand estimation application based on PHP and PostgreSQL.

Consulting Services

Commitee Member

I am a committee member of refrigeration properties WG of JSRAE, public relation committee, and ICR2015 conference.

Technical Translation

Provided a translation service for a in-vehicle navigation system manufacture.


A Liason between Japanese and oversea engineering group for a Belgium company.


My Past

Not only web-site development, but also experienced in software engineering for consumer products such as Palm and Sony's in-vehicle navigation systems. Also managed engineering group for developing consumer products for companies in Japan and United States.

WorkSpot.JP (Tokyo, Japan, 2002 ~ current)

Started working as a freelance engineer for web site development in Tokyo, Japan.

WorkSpot, inc. (Palo Alto, USA, 2000 ~ 2001)

Started a company with 7 of my friends, during the dot-com bubble.

title: VP of Engineering

an engineering manager for a team of 3 up to 10 engineers for wireless palm division, and worked with OmniSky, and Palm.

about: WorkSpot

offered Remote Linux Desktop Service using VNC technology, while offering engineering service to Palm and related companies.

Etak inc. (Menlo Park, USA, 1994 ~ 2000)

Started my career as engineer in Silicon Valley but quickly turned into a manager.

title: Program Manager

an engineering manager as a in-vehicle navigation system development, and worked with Clarion and Kenwood.

title: Lead Engineer

lead a group of engineer to develop break-thru technology for path-finding used in Clarion's in-vehicle navigation system.

title: Software Engineer

My career started as a software engineer, acting as liason with SONY to develop Navi-Ken product for US market.